Ivan Kushnir

Ivan Kushnir - author of economic publications, participated in international conferences about economic development.

In 2011 kushnirs.org was created, in 2017 it was rebrended to ivanstat.com. Every day hundreds of users worldwide read Kushnir's economic research.

from 2017 - publisher of 250+ serial issues about economic development.
from 2013 - independent researcher
2010-2013 - researcher at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
2003-2010 - head of the Department of finance in MSAU
1999-2003 - internal auditor in Nibulon Ltd
1999 - graduated from MSAA, studied Economics
1994 - graduated from Informatic and Mathematic Liceum (Mykolaiv)


Address: 158 Central avenue, Mykolaiv, Ukraine, 54003
Phone: +380512553059
Email: ivan1@yandex.ua
Website: ivanstat.com